We exist to create spaces for students, grades 7-12, to become genuine followers of Jesus. We do this by offering opportunities to Know, Love, and Serve God and the world around us.


Sunday Nights @ C1Youth
Every Sunday Night at 6pm we gather together in the C1Youth Room. We start off by playing a game and having a great time of fellowship. After the game, we hear a brief message that connects scripture with life experiences. When the message is finished, we split up into small groups to discuss the message with other students and their small group leader. We always end the night by sharing a meal, either at the church or at restaurants across Columbus.
Wednesday Nights @ C1Youth 
Wednesday Nights we meet at 6:30pm in the C1Youth Room. There are two pieces to our gathering. We start by catching up with one another and discussing how our weeks are going. We spend time praising God for victories and praying for one another. The second piece to the evening is breaking open the Bible to see what God wants to speak into our lives.
Wednesday Nights @ C1Youth
Every Sunday morning following the Sunday Morning Worship Service we gather in the C1Youth Room to talk about scripture as it relates to our lives today. These groups are divided by gender and are led by great volunteers who love spending time sharing with the teens!

We would love for you to join us in our journey to Know, Love, and Serve by participating in any of the above activities. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to give us a call. Be sure to stop by for a visit. In addition to our regular meeting times we love spending time together playing games, going to events, and serving our community. Check out the newsletter or our Facebook page below for information on upcoming activities!